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Coach Sveta career path started in tourism at the fabulous 4-star hotel, Minsk, in Belarus. While at Minsk, she received major awards in conscientious work, professionalism and for her personal contribution in Minsk achieving their company targets.

In 2010, Coach Sveta, decided to take on a new challenge, with the skill sets she acquired at Minsk, and went into the career path of an educator. With her excellent work ethic and professionalism, she was recruited by one of the biggest schools in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. There, Coach Sveta really began perfecting her skills as an educator. She has built English programs for pre-kindergarten and did such an excellent job, she was given the honor to represent here institution at the Thailand Annual Education Fair 2011.

After her early success as an educator, coach Sveta was offered an amazing opportunity in Doha, Qatar where, together with the curriculum coordinator, she innovatively created new fast learning approaches focused on, educating multinational students in multicultural learning environments.

Coach Sveta is also completely fluent in Russian and is the top coaching expert, in NOA, for the cross-cultural business European Market.

About the course

Effective communication is a critical component of today's work environment for the successful professional. this course is designed to ensure the prompt and efficient delivery of learning all formed of communication as well as the effective recovery from any service-related issues that may arise in the work place. In dealing with customers and coworkers, communication is essential, whether it is face-to-face, over the phone, via email or, increasingly, through electronic channels. Through the coaching's expertise and practical knowledge, you will learn the key concepts associated with communication skills and you will be able to:
-Deal with difficult customers
-Recognize how your tone can affect your meaning.
-Use outstanding customer service to generate return business.
-Tips to impress your customers.
-Office Communication in meetings.