3 Reasons Why Electric Cars are the Future

Updated: Mar 24

#1. Range of a Full Battery

“Range Anxiety” is always a big fear of many people that are thinking of getting an Electric Vehicle (EV). The idea of you setting out for a great Saturday journey, with your family, and 60 miles from home your battery dies. This was once a reality but now with new upgrades in technology, EV cars give those gas guzzlers a run for their money.

For example, Vinfast's VF33, that is expected to be released in the North American and European market, will get you 350 Miles (550km) on a fully charged battery. This would allow you to take a weekend trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and arrive in Las Vegas with plenty of mileage left to take a few detours with miles to spare. To put this into a day to day perspective you are getting over 113 miles on a third of a fully charged battery which is more than enough to handle the average daily commute of most drivers. What makes this even more impressive is the Vinfast VF33 is a SUV.

#2. EV Great Range of Cars

Micro EV

The Micro EVs are an increasingly common sight in US and European towns and cities. Sure, it might not have the refinement of bigger cars but it will get you from point A to B in head-turning style and with great maneuverability, parking is simple. Most Micro EVs can get you up to 55 miles. Micro EVs are excellent for the basic day to day commute. These are very popular in the EU.

Small EVs

Hatchbacks make great EVs because of their small size. They require less battery power and a smaller electric motor. They are immensely practical around town and can do everything their petrol-powered cousins can do... and more.

With small EVs, you normally get around 250 miles on one charge. Small EVs are reliable, practical and attractively designed, global sales are verging as these small beautiful cars take over from their gas cousins.

Electric SUV

Vinfast's VF33

The SUV is the do-it-all car, blending practicality, usability and sporty looks.

Vinfast adds zero emissions and ultra low cost motoring into the package. Its lithium-ion polymer battery pack gives a superb range of up to 350 miles on one charge.

The VF33 is establishing its position as the best electric SUV in the market with low cost long term maintenance with its one of a kind battery rental program. There’s more than enough space for the entire family, with fantastic boot space.

The VF33 has a length of 5.12 meters and a wheelbase of 3.15 meters. It also has a 15.4 Assistance screen and is only available as a four-wheel drive, 408 hp with 640 Nm of torque. Its battery has a capacity of 106 kWh, giving it 350 miles (550 km) of autonomy per charge.

#3. Much Lower Running Costs

To understand the low cost of EVs you have to understand battery technology.

When we talk about EVs we tend to use kW as a unit for electricity and kWh– for the battery.

A kW (Kilo Watt) is a unit of power. 1 kW is 1,000 watts which is roughly the power requirement of an electric vacuum cleaner or a power drill.

A kWh (Kilo watt hour) is the same unit of energy but at a constant rate over one hour. A 100-watt device, say like a television that’s on for 10 hours, will use 1 kWh.

Therefore, the power of the battery, like a 64 kWh lithium-ion battery will theoretically produce 64,000 watts for one hour or 6,400 watts for 10 hours. This 64 kWh lithium-ion battery is what gives the power to run the electric motor.

At public charging stations in California, the average cost of charging an electric car is around 40 cents per kWh rapid charging point. To charge your EV at home in California, it could be as low as 18 cents per kWh with off-peak less expensive electricity. You can easily get a dedicated home charging point installed when you buy a new EV.

This means you could fully charge your Vinfast VF33 for what it would cost you to buy two gallons of gas. If you drove 350 miles one fully charged battery, that’s a price per mile of less than 1.4 cents per mile. At 1.4 cents a mile the roads are your canvas.

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